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6 interviews with students: include the interview (question ‡ answers) for each person.
Your insights based on those interviews, AND defining the problem you’re setting out to solve (based on those insights)



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  1. Trevor Wilson

    Q: Where do you find information about events going on around campus?

    John: I just hear it from friends, if they’re interested in something I’ll usually tag along.
    Mary Jo Ola: I usually just look in the journalism department on the wall at posters and stuff.
    Mary Mizura: I’m a senior so I just want to graduate and I don’t really go to events cause I commute.
    John Kellerhall: I check on our site if I need info.
    Darryl: If it’s something important I usually hear from teachers.
    Julie: I look at the website mostly.

    Q: What information do you look for at Columbia?

    John: I look for cool stuff to do with my friends or the ladies.
    Mary Jo Ola: Things that have to do with my major.
    Mary Mizura: Anything that will help me graduate.
    John Kellerhall: Anything important like payments or class stuff.
    Darryl: You know things I need for my classes or in journalism.
    Julie: New student get togethers and free things.

    Q: Do you feel the student home page is an effective tool of communication?

    John: I don’t know I just use it to go to oasis.
    Mary Jo Ola: Well I guess you can find everything you want there.
    Mary Mizura: It’s a pain to go and find things you need.
    John Kellerhall: There are no limitations.
    Darryl: It’s a little unorganized and confusing but I usually find what I need it can be frustrating though.
    Julie: Yeah you find what you need.

    How can the homepage be more organized better communicate to you?

    John: It can have a good directory that sends you where you need to go.
    Mary Jo Ola: Have like a personal page set up that gives me information pertinent for me.
    Mary Mizura: I don’t really think it needs to change.
    John Kellerhall: Well it can have a weekly calendar right on the page so I can look and see whats going on.
    Darryl: Make it more personal
    Julie: It can be more colorful and more informative.

    From my interviews I felt people want to have a more personal homepage from the student website. People said it lacked a little organization, and color. It seems students feel they get the information but it is a hassle to go into all the links and search for what they want. One student mentioned a more effective directory. Students said they only care about certain things that pertain to their major or interests.

    From these interviews I feel the student homepage would be more effective if you were able to personalize it. A student should be able to pick things they like to know about and set up a page to their liking. Much like a personal Google page you could have a drop box of you major and have a list of other department information you would like to hear updates about. For every student you could have a weekly calendar list of events and have an important date’s section. If these changes could be made I feel the student homepage would be more effective and get the students attention.

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