Online Journalism: Fall 2010


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user interface design with AJAX!

Modern websites use a series of technologies called AJAX to create smooth experiences for their users devoid of the many button-heavy workflows of the past. It’s important, even when developing a prototype application to consider how modern tech allows for different ways of presenting/parsing/manipulating information:

Google Instant. When you search google now, you no longer have to hit a key to see results–just start typing.
Twitter Search. Twitter keeps keeps a persistent search going for whatever you’ve entered in, and notifies you when there are updates.
Google Forms. A feature of Google Spreadsheets (go to create new > form), this form builder allows you to craft forms elegantly and in real-time.
Drop Mocks: a drag-and-drop enabled, automatic slide show generator.
The Gridulator. Sure it’s an obscure web-design need, but computing grids is a pain. The gridulator updates and creates previews in real-time.
Page SlideA technical demo, but a really interesting one: building additional info that literally slides the page over to reveal itself.
Chicago Mayoral Scorecard. This webapp allows you to filter, parse, and search the candidates in the mix for the mayoral race quickly and easily (full disclosure: I built it).


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