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Paste your documentation videos and reports into the comments of this post (see previous post for explanation/expectations.


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  1. Laura Nalin says:

    I originally planned on using my cousin Christina as a source who is a dietician in California. However, she was unable to Skype because our schedules did not fit well together, but she has offered to help with any further details that we need. I found out by talking with some friends that my friend Caitlin has recently been entertaining the thought of a gluten free diet for health reasons.

    The first prototype was rather easy to conceptualize; we all threw out ideas and this was the product. We have two side bars—on the left we have a “Food” category, which features reviews on restaurants, caters, grocery stores that have food items, bakeries, a restaurant locater (which Caitlin thought would be a good idea to be able to search by zip code, similar to’s search) and menu samples. On the right hand side we have a “Reviews” category, which we have doctors, nutritionists, meetings, event calendar (for people who would like to know of events such as ‘how to cook gluten free,’ ‘how to live a gluten free lifestyle easier,’ etc.) a support group section as well as a forum section.

    As Catilin pointed out it would be a good idea to put a “Checklist” that would answer any questions that people have such as what vitamins they should be taking and whether or not they need bloodwork done. It would also be great to have doctors be able to be searched by zip code and include a Google map so you can see where they are in relation to your residence.

    I think this prototype is a good start but can definitely use a lot of work, which was taken care of on the following two tests.

  2. Chelsea says:

    This is Gluten Free Chicago’s GROUP report:

    Through our many prototype revisions and testing, we learned a lot about where we want to go with our site from here. In the first prototype we had a fairly small and simple site, and through the user testing we developed a lot of good insight for things to add to the experience. There are two side bars on the homepage of our site. The left sidebar will have a “Food” category, which features reviews on restaurants, caters, grocery stores that have food items, bakeries, and a restaurant locater. On the right hand side there is the “Reviews” category that has lists of doctors, nutritionists, meetings, an event calendar, and a support group section and forum section. In the middle of our homepage is where our blog posts will be.
    Some of the suggestions we got from others were to add a gluten free checklist so people know what they should be looking for in a restaurant/doctor/nutritionist/ and while shopping for vitamins or food. People also suggested that we be able to search those things by zip code, and also by user rating,- aspects that we added between prototypes. We also added an embedded Google maps so people can easily locate where these places are in location to them. Another suggestion we added was our color key code. Blue and Red dots next to different places names will notify our user quickly whether or not this place has been certified gluten free and if they have a specific gluten free menu. Our final idea that we currently have is a more precise, well-rounded; we now have every aspect of the gluten free community that we want to cover represented on our site.

  3. Nick Myers says:

    The above link is to a demo video of our paper prototype for the honorary street signs site. I spoke with my group members Monday morning and I then went and made a paper prototype (based on the discussions we had the previous week) and then scanned the five pages and filmed a demo. I emailed the scans and demo to each of the group members Tuesday morning. This way, we could email the scans and/or the Youtube link to members of out group and then get feedback via email. The scans would also allow for my fellow group members to print out the paper prototype and present it in person to an audience member.

    On Wednesday morning I emailed the scan and link in an explanatory email to about ten different websites or blogs that would make up parts of our audience. Unfortunately, I have received no responses myself.

  4. Nick Myers says:

    Here’s the Youtube link. You can also click on my name on my previous post which acts as a link to the Youtube demo. Mr. Sinker, I will email you an attachment with the scan of the paper prototype.

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