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Your Work for Next Week!

**updated to correctly reflect the HTML/CSS assignment**

A busy week! Three things:

1) Prepare and test a paper prototype for your group site. This is a group project, so divvy up the work equitably. You need to:
–build the prototype and test it on three actual users of your site (not just your roomates).
–between each user testing session, refine the prototype according to feedback from the previous test.
–document all the testing sessions with video and upload a video of the testing to YouTube.
–write a brief report documenting what you learned from testing and how you’re proceeding with the site concept and design (250 words).
–stick the report and video in the comments of the post dedicated to it.

2) Hand-code a bio page about yourself:
–demonstrate your understanding of both basic HTML and CSS.
–introduce yourself, your background and interests
–integrate all the basic HTML tags we discussed, along with a picture of yourself.
–paste your code into Pastie. Post a link to the code along with a sentence that introduces your dive into the comments of this post.

3) We’ll have a mid-term check-in on the blog you’ve been keeping since week one. Please make sure it’s up-to-date.


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  1. lisa says:

    Lisa’s World

    { So, this is my first website. I must say it’s quite exciting to have a site all about me. Let me first begin by telling you guys a little about me. I was born on September 6, 1988 in Chicago Illinois. I grew up on the
    far south side. I had a pretty good childhood in the early years. I was my grandparents first grandchild and my mother’s only girl. My little brother David, is five years younger than me. I remember the morning my mom brought him home from the hospital. I was so excited! It was funny because all while she was carrying him, I thought he’d be a girl. I always wanted a sister but when I found out I had a brother instead, I wasn’t disappointed in the least bit. }

    {I started school at a young age, I was five rather than six in kindergarten. I never went to pre-school. I excelled in school, always an honor student. Education and performing well in academics is very important in my family, almost everybody graduated from college and my aunts all have Masters degrees. I’m a senior currently majoring in Magazines. I love writing, I’ve been writing since I was about five or six years old. My granny always knew I’d be a writer from the time I was a toddler. She said I’d look up in the sky and say I saw pretty things. I write fiction. I write poems, short stories, songs, I might try to write a play. That would be different.}
    {My poems and songs are usually about things I’ve personally went through or experienced. I think poetry is beautiful and helps one to express emotions in a creative way. I love poetry slams and events needless to say.

    background-color: #880055;}

    {I still want to do my fiction writing as well as journalism. I feel working in magazines is a great doorway for being a good ficiton writer. Magazines is pretty similar in certain aspects to fiction writing. So, that’s proof I’m in the right field. Lately I’ve been thinking of trying broadcast as well, just to learn other skills, I could be a news reporter for BET, MTV or any network. I could also dabble with radio. There’s so many endless possiblilities with journalism. When I was a young girl, I used to pretend I was a news reporter for ABC. I was used to watching the evening news with my grandparents when my mom was at work so I think I became fascinated with the field; it looked fun though I didn’t know that much about it since I was only like seven.

    {So, some of the things I like to do in my free time are:}

    Shopping, I REALLY love shopping. New clothing excites me!
    Singing is another one of my many talents that I’d like to pursue as well.
    I love hanging with my girls. It’s always good to have good friends.
    Most of all, I love spending time with my family.
    Reading a good book has always been a pastime of mine. You can escape into another world, I love that.

    {So, that’s just a piece of my life. I plan to graduate in the next few semesters and hopefully be starting a career as a either a writer for one of my favorite magazines. These are: Essence, Cosmopolitian, Seventeen, and Vanity Fair. I’m currently interning for Gloss Magazine Online, it’s good practice for writing for magazines like those and great material for my portfoilio.}

  2. lisa says:


  3. Isis Nicole says:

    Here is my first website! I had a lot of fun creating it because it looks the way I want it. Simple, fun, and there’s music on it. I had used a bio a peer of mine wrote about me and I placed some images on there that represent me.

  4. Chelsea says:

    Chelsea in a nutshell and a very, very simple web page:


    Video 1: Arin Vaughan:

    Video 2: Owen Whisenant:

    Video 3: Mark Wilkie:


    Ashley Murphy
    Trevor Wilson
    Stephanie Caspelich
    Isis Marshall

    Test #1
    The first test was with Arin Vaughan a frequent attendee at farmers markets. Arin liked the idea of the website. She really liked the knowledge that the website offered and said that it was very helpful in every aspect of farming. Her favorite part of the site was the how-to farm yourself section. She said that it was very informative and gave you knowledge to start your own farm. She also loved the recipes section. It is a cheap way to make a good meal. Arin didn’t make any changes on the paper prototype but we learned what really worked well.

    Test #2
    Owen Whisenant owns his own lake top garden in Lakeview, so we felt he was perfect for an interview because we are targeting people like him. He was a little confused with navigation and helped immensely with order on the site. We moved the “our mission” to the right column and replaced it from the top with gardening tools. The original link to gardening tools only gave a description of the tool. Owen suggested that we have prices and places to find the tools needed. He was confused on the navigating so we tried to make it simpler.

    Test #3
    Mark Wilkie a web designer who attends farmers markets with his wife on a regular basis said that he liked the organization, he liked we had a mission that people could connect to and said that we needed more visuals so you wouldn’t lose the user. He thought it was a great idea for the site and said it needed a little reordering and more visuals. He also recommended adding a blog tab by an expert so people would keep coming back.

    The tests were very helpful in our process. The critique we received gave us new ideas and made us open our eyes to new and better things that we could do with the creation of the site.

  6. Stephanie A. Caspelich says:

    My attempt to describe myself through code: style by CSS, content by HTML.

    Oh, and I forgot to incorporate an image. Sorry.

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