Online Journalism: Fall 2010


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Powerful Copy and Paste Coding

Google Web Elements: Simple copy & paste widgets that allow for a lot of interaction with Google content. This allows for things like:
Conversation Web Element: You can bring basic comments into a page thanks to this Web Element.
News Web Elements: You can bring in a search from Google News or Youtube.
Google AJAX Search API Wizards: Slightly more complicated, but more powerful, than Elements for finding and displaying things from the web.
Twitter Widgets: including embeddable, real-time Twitter searches.
Facebook Widgets: Warning, I find these to be hinkey, but they’ll bring various bits of Facebook into your site.
The motherlode: Google Gadgets: Built by others, code for integrating everything from RSS feeds to games into your site.
RSS Reader+: Especially helpful is this embeddable RSS reader, which can bring all sorts of content from around the web into your site.


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