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Next Week: Deep Dive Assignment is Due!

As we discussed in class on October 29, the idea of a “deep dive”–a story that includes a series of links to additional reading and broader topics–is an important one when thinking about presenting journalism on the web. The idea of the journalist of curator of the vastness of the web is an important one.

Your Deep Dive page needs to be about a topic currently in the news, needs to incorporate a paragraph or two introducing/explaining the subject–this is original writing by you–and then needs to include at least three additional “dives” into the subject matter, dives built by links to additional stories/information/pages. It goes without saying that it should be coded in HTML and styled with CSS.

Here’s an example of the Kutiman deep dive I demoed in class:

Also, incorporate some widgets/code from external sites to flesh out and bring dynamic content to your Deep Dive. Here’s a link to the example page we built in class:

As with the first hand-coding assignment, please use Pastie to capture your code. Paste a link to that pastie URL, along with a few sentences introducing your dive, into the comments of this post.


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10 Responses

  1. My deep dive site is focused on the new Harry Potter movie, “Deathly Hallows,” that comes out next week. I linked directly to sites about the movie, fan sites, and the most trusted Harry Potter sites on the web.

  2. Susanne says:

    Sakineh Ashtiani is an Iranian woman facing execution by stoning for the conviction of adultery in 2007. Since then, her case has been picked up by various human rights groups and has become a media sensation – she has become a subject of controversy surrounding Iran and the nation’s treatment of women and clear human rights violations. My deep dive site focuses briefly introduces Ashtiani and links out to Ashtiani on the web, in the news, and to human rights groups that sponsor petitions to end stoning and help strengthen women’s rights in Iran.

  3. Isis says:

    My deep dive is on the discussion of shadeism and how women of colour deal with “ethnocentric” ideals of beauty.

  4. Chelsea says:

    My deep dive is a look at local eating and its counterparts!

  5. My deep dive is about the recent public releases of news organizations donating to political parties, focusing more on Olbermann. Then, I “dig deeper” into how other news organizations have been donating for year and how that has contributed to the public’s decline in trust in the media when it comes to politics among other things.

  6. Actually…use this one..has widgets.

  7. Laura says:

    My deep dive is about contemporary artist Scott Campbell and a stunt he just pulled at a gallery in Mexico which has gained a lot of talk in the art world. Pretty awesome guy!

  8. Nick Myers says:

    Grrr. Hours spent in the Columbia computer lab and use of the not-so-great Text Editor left this a bit half baked. Here’s what I got. I’m imagining some of it won’t work. I did mu best! I need to be a bit better versed in placement of elements on a page. This page is about the legendary Chicago Soul/R&B artist Syl Johnson who recently had a huge box set issued by local label the Numero Group. He is also playing with a large band at the end of November at the Old Town School of Folk Music. He is now gaining a higher profile and is making a comeback.


    again…new without weird marks from quotations and apostrophes

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