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Powerful Copy and Paste Coding

Google Web Elements: Simple copy & paste widgets that allow for a lot of interaction with Google content. This allows for things like:
Conversation Web Element: You can bring basic comments into a page thanks to this Web Element.
News Web Elements: You can bring in a search from Google News or Youtube.
Google AJAX Search API Wizards: Slightly more complicated, but more powerful, than Elements for finding and displaying things from the web.
Twitter Widgets: including embeddable, real-time Twitter searches.
Facebook Widgets: Warning, I find these to be hinkey, but they’ll bring various bits of Facebook into your site.
The motherlode: Google Gadgets: Built by others, code for integrating everything from RSS feeds to games into your site.
RSS Reader+: Especially helpful is this embeddable RSS reader, which can bring all sorts of content from around the web into your site.

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Tools for Group Collaboration

the google suite
Google Docs
Google Calendar
Google Sites

the social networks

collaboration-focused tools

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College Communication: collaboration feedback

Collaborations are always a balancing act, and it’s important to get a sense of who did what, how the collaboration went, etc. Please fill out this form so that I can get a sense of what your contributions to the College Communication project were as well as how you worked with your group. Thanks!

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Lecture Links 9.10.10

Things referenced in class today:

Objectified: we watched a short excerpt of this film in class today.

Our collaborators for the day, the Knight News Challenge.

Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody is one of the best books about this transitionary time we live in. You should read it. Really.

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