Online Journalism: Fall 2010


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Readings + Reactions for 10-29-10

As you struggle with code this week, here are two readings to remind you why you’re doing it:
Why Journalists Should Learn to Code
Be Not Afraid: Journalists Should Learn Code


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Readings + Reactions for 10-8-10

How to beat AOL’s Patch
Five mistakes that make local blogs fail
Rescuing the Reporters
Three primary roles your local website must play

Magazine writer Susan Orlean talks about Twitter
The Atlantic joins Tumblr
Scanner Tweeting: Breaking News Lessons from the Boulder Fire

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Readings + Reactions for 9-24-10

College’s attempt to block Facebook, Twitter, IMs fails
study shows texting the preferred communication medium of college students

A great overview of paper prototyping
Some good tips for prototyping
Why low-fi prototyping kicks ass
A shorthand for designing UI flows

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Readings + Reactions for 9.17.10

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The New Rules of News: A list of 22 ideas for how to rethink, reinvent, and recast the news.
Life After Newspapers: an opinion piece that asks some good questions.
NPR’s hour-by-hour audience by platform. A great transparent look at the shifting needs of audience for NPR’s content.
Don’t look for a TV in Television’s Future A great piece that looks at how Social Media and streaming video are transforming the way we watch.

Diego Rodriguez’s “innovation principles” are indispensable. For this week, read the first two:
Experience the world instead of talking about experiencing the world
See and hear with the mind of a child

Plus–and this branches between Design Thinking & Online Journalism–a note from the creator of the Pulitzer-Winning Politifact about the design process: Demos, Not Memos

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